Thursday, February 23, 2012

Despair Successfully up!

Yes, after about a long, long month of inactivity due to horrid school work, I am finally able to pump out one video for Yuumei. It is called Despair and for those who'd like to check it out, here ( ) is the link. :3

I will be making this short and sweet because I'm very tired and have school tomorrow, but keep an eye out for Yuumei's ACT 2 at some point. If I can get some real good samples and someone to do my otos for me, then I'll have it very soon!

And what,s this, you say? Celebres perhaps making another Utau? TWO, PERHAPS? Yes, it is true, I am definitely looking in to it. Expect further confirmation around March. It will probably be my Spring Break project. :3