Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Christmas Eve, Everyone!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I am not sure if I will be online exclusively tomorrow, so I want to update my blog before the partying begins, haha! Have a safe, happy holidays and I will try to get Yuumei a new song on YouTube, already have one on her SoundCloud, soon! Cross your fingers that I get a new charger plug for my laptop today or tomorrow!

Much love,

Friday, December 23, 2011

She's back!

Wonderful news! Thanks to stormylullaby of, Yuumei has a brand spanking new bank that sounds better than ever! I'm going to try getting some audio if nothing else up on Sound Cloud and then work on the Youtube videos! With any luck, I'll have one or two up by Christmas!

But... There is on e downside. I do have to use my desktop computer which has a rather loud speaker system  and NO working headphones slot, so I may be late. I need to wait until I get a laptop plug to replace my obsolete on e. ; A ;

New Post, SoundCloud AND New Signature

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, everybody!

I've got a few new announcements to make that I'm very proud of. One, yet another new post to this blog (for whoever is reading~)!

The next is that I have created a SoundCloud for Yuumei and have put in a song I had saved before the horrid deletion of my beautiful, working voicebank. If you want to check out the song, it is right HERE~ I hope, hope, hope I'll get her VB back soon, before Christmas would be absolutely beautiful.

Finally, I've got an update concerning my account on I've updated it a bit to show five of my favourite thumbnails, containing art of Yuumei, of course, and have linked it in such a way so it will lead any onlooker to the links I've provided. Please check it out and continue to support Yuumei, I promise she'll have a brand spanking new bank soon! 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Little Update~

I've spoken to the person who is going to fix up my new voice bank (Which is fully re-recorded!) and they will, hopefully, be putting aside their homework tomorrow to mess around with the OTOs on Yuumei's file. Let's all cross our fingers that this will be a fast process so I can have Yuumei back before Christmas! I've got quite a few people with their UTAUs that are dying to befriend Miss Yuumei and duet with her! > u<

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tiny, Tiny Update

Well, unfortunately, I and my father accidentally ended up deleting Yuumei's good voicebank when I tried making a separate UTAU library on my laptop, so it may be a few days until I can get a good new song up and on to YouTube. BUT. On the bright side, I have finally finished Yuumei's UTAU Wiki! Please do check it out. There are things I will be editing once I get that information and her Trivia will definitely update frequently. It's just something nice to look at for now until I can get Yuumei's new VB back by a person who was very willing to do the OTO's for me and make her all pretty sounding again. Thanks so much for your patience!♥

How lovely!

Hooray, I've got my first blog post up~ So, welcome! This is the page for my UTAU, Yuumei. Feel free to check out whatever I have to put up here and please,please, please do subscribe to my channel on Youtube!