Friday, December 23, 2011

New Post, SoundCloud AND New Signature

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, everybody!

I've got a few new announcements to make that I'm very proud of. One, yet another new post to this blog (for whoever is reading~)!

The next is that I have created a SoundCloud for Yuumei and have put in a song I had saved before the horrid deletion of my beautiful, working voicebank. If you want to check out the song, it is right HERE~ I hope, hope, hope I'll get her VB back soon, before Christmas would be absolutely beautiful.

Finally, I've got an update concerning my account on I've updated it a bit to show five of my favourite thumbnails, containing art of Yuumei, of course, and have linked it in such a way so it will lead any onlooker to the links I've provided. Please check it out and continue to support Yuumei, I promise she'll have a brand spanking new bank soon! 

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